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Sunday, June 25, 2017

501 Hunt Sketches

Some quick small sketches in the travel sketchbook with the Micron 01 for Scavenger Hunt 501.

Number 5 hand and Number 6 - favorite snack.  The snack is a Fig Newton.  I hated those as a kid.  My dad always liked them and knew I wouldn't swipe any!  I like them now.  Not as sweet as some cookies.

Number 7, beverage - Diet Coke in a koozie from home. 
Number 8, pillow - from the hotel

By the way, I might mention that this is the second list from our Hunts done by Jeanne.  http://jeannegrant.blogspot.com/

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sketching 501 on the Road, Photos

It is fun and sometimes hard to sketch as we travel.  Hotel rooms look basically the same, but once in a while I am inspired.

For Scavenger Hunt 501

Number 3, salt and pepper shakers - paper
Number 4, bowl - cardboard

Gene loading up after his trike ride.

By his trike and a wave.  He wasn't shooing me away!  Ha.

He had already taken the flags off his trike and loaded it on the rack.  I helped tie it down and cover it.  Lots of work for exercise!  I walked a mile while he rode about 10, I imagine.

We are at my cousins in Miles City, Montana.  Photos to follow.  When??  Who knows??

This is the view through the screen out our hotel window in Miles City.  Not the normal parking lot, eh?  There was a cow nursing her calf earlier.  I missed the photo!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hunt 501 Already, Photos

It is Scavenger Hunt 501  http://www.wetcanvas.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1429619
already.  Wow, time flies.

The small travel sketchbook was where I sketched with the Micron 01. 

Number 1, window
Number 2, green - trees out window

Wyoming looks pretty good right now.  Very green here.  The last time we were here it was dry and brown.

This is some more of the wide open spaces.  Pretty sky.

These yuccas by the road were so short.  They are about 2 or 3 feet high in full bloom. 

This was in Colorado.  I saved it for son, Larry, as he often takes photos at the extreme mud events.  It made me smile.  It doesn't quite show how muddy it was on the sides.

This was from my walk this morning.  It is the back side of the house toward the highway.  I bet the front yard is gorgeous!

Tomorrow we will be in real Big Sky Country or Montana.  More down the road......

Monday, June 19, 2017

Hunting for 500 Photo

I sketched in the travel sketchbook with the Micron 01 for Scavenger Hunt 500.

It is good to sketch items that are different from home.  Sometimes though I start on something that takes more time than I want to spend on it, like the plants.

Number 9, sculpture - old crow, it is actually a bottle from "Old Crow" bourbon/whiskey.
Number 10, plant
Number 11, stack of books
Number 12, hat
Number 13, chair

We went out to the new property near where they camped the last few years and saw this antelope.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

iPad Sketch for 500

I got out the iPad and the app Brushes and did a quick sketch.

Not sure what number it is for the Scavenger Hunt 500.  I got off track someplace.

Number ??, Lamp

The swag lamp in our room.  It is fun to have new things to sketch.  Kris, my cousin, has so many eclectic things.  I love her and being here!

Happy Father's Day to all the fathers.  It is my dad's birthday today.  He was always cheated having his birthday near Father's Day.

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