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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Mish Mash of Sketches and 12 Digits

Six items was a good number of items for a sketch for Hunt 519.

The sketch is in the big coffee table book, a whole page.  I was regretting that when I started coloring with colored pencils.  I did a halfway job and it still took forever!  I could have painted it 4 times in pastel.  Of course I can't put pastel in the big book and I'm still not 1/3 of the way through it.  Sigh....

#5, pair -salt and pepper, a new set with batteries.
#6, from the kitchen - pepper from stove
#7, crunchy - pretzels, I started with 6
#8, sour - lime
#9, sweet - candies (Werther's and cinnamon taffy)
#10, bottle - stayed with the theme of balsamic vinegar as other sketchers were using their different bottles.

Gene wanted to know how many pretzels were there, since I couldn't count the blueberries that day.  Well, I found another time I didn't count. 

I was going to draw my hand and Gene's hand for a card, so I was looking at this to see if I could use it by just erasing one hand and putting Gene's hand in.  Save time, right.  I did so and printed it out.  I left the hand on the right of mine.  Well, Gene said the fingers looked funny so I looked again.  Ack!  Five fingers and a thumb. 

I had already erased and put in Gene's hand of course on the left.  Well, now that I was posting this to laugh about that mistake I see that I have the same on the left hand. (This is the original, not the change with Gene's hand)  Twelve digits on my hands!!   Good thing I didn't like the printing.  I finally just did them over again with pen and ink.  No printing involved.

Will I never learn?  I evidently didn't post it in my blog, but did put it on the Scavenger Hunt .... I think.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bastrop Sketchers Hunt 519

The Bastrop Sketchers went out on Wednesday.  We went to The Crosssing here in Bastrop.  It is an area where old buildings were brought in or new ones constructed out of old material, wood and tin.  It is interesting to see and explore.

I sketched with a Micron 01 and added a bit of watercolor to the second page.  I sketched the light on one of the walls and it looked like a shower head so I added some yellow for light and then decided on some rust color for the old car.

It was a great day with friends and good weather.

These fit into Scavenger Hunt 519 which runs from November 12 - 20 

Number 1, landscape - buildings and area

Number 2, related to travel - the car at one time.  It probably doesn't have a motor in it.
Number 3, man made - wooden chair

 Looking to my back from where we were sitting.  That would be a complicated bunch of lines to sketch, eh?

 The building on the right is Neighbor's Kitchen.  They have pizza and other foods, full bar, deck overlooking the river and a huge area for outdoor concerts. That is an old pickup with some hay bales in its bed.

Pomona and Joan with the Tough Cookie Bakery behind them.  We had lunch there.  Vegetarian and gluted free.  Excellent!  They also have a coffee bar.

This old tractor is right behind the artists.

We had a good time and as I have said many times, it is good for the soul to be out with artists to work and visit.  Artists work alone most of the time and we need social time, too.

We went back to the more expensive satellite internet.  We will see how it goes.  We had it before and it was reliable except during storms.  There is no good answer for phone and internet out in the boonies.  It would be cheaper than regular advertising to give us good service.  Our word of mouth would increase their image!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Magnifying with Pastels, Photos

This Scavenger Hunt is over today.  I didn't do my average number of items.

Scavenger Hunt 518

Number 5, magnifying glass - Gene's glass that fits in a little bag to prevent scratching.  This is on Canson paper and took about 15 minutes at most.  Small, about 5 x 8 inches.

I had the idea from the beginning of the Hunt, nine days ago, but had not bothered.

Here are a few photos from Veterans Day in downtown Bastrop, Texas.

They have a huge car show, well huge for Bastrop.  The cars are lined up on the curbs side by side for three blocks.  This old pickup added some fall color.  I wonder if that helped to garner a prize?

This military vehicle was at the beginning of the cars at Pine and Main.  I visited with the crew for a few minutes and thanked them for their service.

Gene did not walk in the parade this year.  He did stand for the Air Force song with fellow airmen.  I took two or three photos of him on his bike and cut off the US Flag in all of them.  Sigh.....

They had a fly over with a minute of silence at the end to honor the Veterans.  Only two old planes this year.    This post from 2014 has more info and photos of the celebration here in Bastrop.

The photos looks much the same.  Makes me smile.

It is always a happy/sad, proud day!  Thanks again to all the Veterans!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Happy Veteran's Day and Happy Belated Marine Corps Birthday #242!

We celebrated here yesterday with messages back and forth with our Marine, David.  I forgot to post here about it.  Sigh....

You can put Marines in the search box on my blog and see photos of David and of  Gene and I at the Marine Corps Ball when we were overseas.  It is the "grandest" day at our Embassies except for Independence Day.  Semper Fi.

You can read the message from General Robert B. Neller, Marine Corps Commandant, here:

Happy 242 David and all the Marines!  Semper Fi!

Today we are going to the Veterans Celebration here in Bastrop.  It is always a nice thing.  Then this evening to dinner in Smithville and to The Bugle Boy for some Susan Gibson.

Hope you have a great Veterans Day!!  Thanks to all the veterans for their service!!  We are the land of the free because of the BRAVE. 

Our vets, David and Gene.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Unhappy Cows

My mom used to sketch on calendars, envelopes and any piece of scrap paper.  She was never interested in painting, that I know of, but was always scribbling on something.  She was very good.  I've mentioned before that they always listened to the morning radio show on KOB in Albuquerque.  They had a variety show, sort of, and played mostly pop music.  She liked all music and would usually say, "Oh, that's my favorite song!"  She did not like Frank Sinatra and the disc jockey would play Old Blue Eye's songs pretty often.  She finally had it and wrote to the station to complain.  She illustrated her letter with a sketch of the cows crying and with their hooves over their ears, telling them that her happy cows cried when they played the awful Sinatra songs.  I don't remember their reply!

My sketch today reminded me of her sad cows, but in a different way.  I am used to sketching from life and do not care to sketch or paint from photos other than using them for reference.  On the Southwest forum on wetcanvas we sketch from photos for the monthly challenge.  Photos are posted and the artists can pick and choose, crop and sketch or paint and post them.  I usually get one done.

I picked a photo of a small herd of cows that were looking at a cow dog like, "Really, you are going to tell us what to do?"  The sketch wasn't too bad with the fine line Micron 005.  I decided to do the shading with a chisel pen to make it more dramatic.  I should have tested on a paper, didn't and then the ink was considerably darker and made the first fine lines look almost red.  It is in the big coffee table sketchbook.  So what the hey, I will post it here, too.

The very good photo was by Tuscanny and here is my Unhappy Cows.

I got a hand me down "new" iPhone6+ from Jennie for my birthday/Christmas gift.  This is the first photo from the phone.  I have also been taking photos of the sketches in the big book with my iPhone.  Pretty darn nice!
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